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Monday 14, October 2019 | Hrs. 05:33 | La Paz, Bolivia
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3d2n Sajama National Park

3 Días| Camping| Transport| Feeding



  • Stunning views of the second highest volcano in the world Sajama 6542m s.n.m.
  • Countless opportunities to photograph the perfect cones of the snow-capped Parinacota and Pomerata.
  • Enjoy the hot springs, views of the geysers, and other volcanic activities
  • Unbeatable opportunity to observe the wild vicuñas, ibis, and perhaps the Andean Ñandú.
  • Walk to the Andean lagoons: Khasiri at 4.865m and Sorapata at 4950m

Located in the department of Oruro, adjacent to Chile, it is part of the Western Cordillera and is characterized by being a volcanic zone. The Sajama National Park, where the Sajama volcano is located, is considered the highest in Bolivia with 6542m. In addition to geological wonders of nature formed by flora, fauna, thermal waters and cultural wonders such as polychrome chullpas (burial buildings prehispanic), cave paintings, pucarás and colonial architecture.

The indigenous population, proud of what they have, have always tried to preserve their way of life, as well as the environment that surrounds it. The park is the first protected area in Bolivia being declared a natural reserve in 1939 due to its local bush: kheñua (Polilepis tarapacana) that grows on its slopes and that constitute the highest forests in the world.

Day 1. La Paz-Parque Sajama

At 07:30 am Departure from the city of La Paz, on the way to Sajama, we will visit the Church of Curawara, located in a small town, in order to visit its beautiful chapel, unique for the presence of several colonial paintings in the walls inside the temple, on the way we will see ancient Aymara tombs, which we will be able to observe closely by making a short walk from the edge of the road, before arriving at the Sajama National Park, 6 hours away.

Lodge accommodation


Day 2.  Trekking tour towards the Andean Lagoons – visit the Geysers and Hot springs

In the morning on board of our vehicle, we will begin our exploration to the enchanting landscapes and the surroundings of the national park, walk to approach the area of ​​the geysers where we will find volcanic activity, fumaroles and bubbling water in several of the natural pools, at this point we begin our walk of approximately 2.5-3 hours to reach the Khasiri lagoon at 4.865 meters, in the sector we observe birds such as cranes, gulls and others characteristic of the altitude, after a break we resume the walk for 1 hour more and arrive to the Sorapata lagoon at The landscape rewards our effort, the color of the brown mountains and shades of yellow give us an account of the presence of sulfur. After a time set aside for rest or for photographs, we start our return to the geysers area and continue with our vehicle, descending through the typical bushes of the “yaretas”  area, before arriving at our lodging, we will enjoy the Hot springs and relax.

Lodge accommodation


Day 3: Sajama - La Paz

After breakfast we will start our way back to La Paz,  near Sajama just 15 minutes into our trip we can make a stop at a small lake called “La Isla”, to see flamingos and nearby, we will also observe typical Keñuas shrubs and with luck to observe the Andean Suri, in the area there are also small herds of vicuñas, very appreciated for their fine wool and that was hunted to the brink of extinction for their appreciated wool, (currently this species is protected), after this short visit we will continue our return trip to the city of La Paz.



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The tour includes:

  • Private transportation
  • Professional bilingual guide English - Spanish
  • Complete meals, according to the day by day description
  • Admission to the attractions.
  • Mule to carry the luggage on the second day of walking

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