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2d1n Pequeño Alpamayo

2 Días| Lodging| Camping| Transport| Feeding
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Pequeño Alpamayo 5.450m, climbing

Technical facts:

Length: 2 days 1 night
Height difference: 750 m.a.s.l
Technical difficulties: AD (difficult) AI 2
Medium slope angle: 40/ 50 / 55 degrees.
Base Camp: at 4,620 m.a.s.l


  • Solitary landscape which treasures pristine lakes and Andean fauna such as geese, ducks, ibis, and lots of llamas and alpacas.
  • Climbing Pequeño Alpamayo mountain
  • Enjoy the great views of the landscape as well as the pyramidal shape of this glacier
  • Summit attempt

The Condoriri National Park displays a great natural potential. Beautifully preserved, it is tucked away in the mountains dotted with crystal clear mountain lakes, a product of the constant thawing of the glaciers. Observe stunning ice stalactites forming their unique shapes down cascading waterfalls.

As you ascend the mountain chains around La Paz, the Andean landscape appears to become even more brilliant due to the presence of numerous lakes of various colors. In its frigid waters live trout of great sizes that can easily be fished with simple equipment.

The surroundings are very interesting because it ascends completely solitary mountains; the complete silence of the mountains is only disturbed when passing llamas break up the ice underneath their hooves, creating small trickles that eventually wind their way down to Lake Titicaca. From these altitudes you can observe the silvery shimmer of light reflected by the world’s highest navigable lake, while trekking in the company of numerous llamas, the occasional alpaca (they are shy) and many smaller animals such as chinchillas, lizards, ibises and gulls.


1st Day: La Paz – Base Camp

The tour starts at 08:30 when you are picked up from your hotel, where we then head in a private vehicle to the Rinconada (4600 m) which takes 2 and a half hours. Around 11:30 we have lunch in Rinconada and after an hour we begin the trek towards Chiarkota Lagoon (4650 m) on a simple path where we see some lagoons surrounded by mountains of the Bolivian High Plateau, along the way we take a break of 15 minutes. Afterwards we continue the tour on the same path and at 14:00 we get to Chiarkota Lagoon (4650 m) which is located in the foothills of Condoriri Mountain 5.648m, where we have free time to enjoy the views while the guide prepares the dinner. 

Meals: lunch and dinner

Night: basic lodge


2nd Day: Attempt to the summit – base camp – La Paz

We start this day with breakfast at 01:00 and around 02:00 we leave heading towards the Pequeño Alpamayo (5300 m) on a rocky path where we you don’t need crampons. After 1 hour and a half hiking we arrive at the glaciers and it is from this point that we use the crampons and the ice axe. The central part of the glacier is a bit difficult, going through the peak of Tarija at 5.300m 2 hours after the starting of our ascent. After a short descent we approach the Pequeño Alpamayo, a 80metros of technical climbing with a slope of 55 ° to reach its peak await us, and after another 2 hours we will attempt to reach its summit, after this effort, we will get back  to base camp, along the same route. Once we arrive back to the base camp we have some time to rest and have a hot soup and main course, then we pick up the equipment and return to the village of Rinconada arriving there at 13:00. Afterwards we return in private transport to La Paz arriving at the hotel at 17:00pm approximately.


Incluido en el programa:

Transporte privado ida y retorno
Guía de alta montaña especializada: 1 guía para llevar 2 clientes en la cordada.
Equipo de escalada que nuestra empresa provee sin costo adicional: (cuerdas, mosquetones de escalada, crampones, polainas, arnés, piolet, casco de montaña)
Comidas frescas y gustosas durante la expedición.
1 noche en refugio de alta montaña
Botellón de Oxígeno, en campo base

No incluido en el programa:

Ropa abrigada, lentes de sol, efectos personales de aseo
Botas de montaña, bolsa de dormir (opcional para alquilar)
Porteadores personales
Gastos médicos y/o de evacuación, seguros de salud, costos de evacuación
Cargos incurridos como resultado de retrasos o cambios de su itinerario fuera del control de Pukina Travel, recomendamos tener seguros que cubra costos inesperados.
bebidas embotelladas, se sugiere 2 litros para el primer dia, bebidas alcoholicas
Recomendamos limitar el peso de su equipaje a 8 kilos / 17 libras

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