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14d13 Ojos del Salado - Chile

14 Días| Lodging| Camping| Transport| Feeding
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14d13n Ojos del Salado



  • The highest active volcano in the world.
  • Flamingos and guanacos in their own natural habitat.
  • Walks around a surrealist landscape.
  • Profit from the thermal baths that help us to stand the cold weather.


Ojos del Salado, is the highest active volcano in the world located in III region of Chile, 800km north of Santiago. Our expedition starts on Copiapó, capital of Atacama region, our program gives the opportunity to attempt the summit gradually, considering the altitude of this mountain is necessary to be in good physical conditions and acclimatize slowly. The climate is quite variable, in general windy and temperatures might drop to -30º C. However the effort is broadly rewarded by its surrealist landscapes, the views of the habitat of the region and the beautiful lakes Santa Rosa and Green Lake. 


To climb Ojos del Salado you need to be in excellent physical condition. If you have not been in high altitude before, know that 22,615ft/6893m is very high and you will need to carefully monitor your body’s ability to acclimatize. This will require patience and good judgment. Your guides will help you make good decisions. Weather is always a factor on ascents of Ojos del Salado, as it is on any big mountain. During the expedition you will gain valuable experience in dressing properly for mountain travel and dealing with strenuous situations.


Day 1: Arrival to Copiapó and transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel. Take the day to rest and walk around the charming city of Copiapó, perhaps visit of the commercial shopping malls and know the friendly Chilean people.   


Day 2: Copiapó-lake Santa Rosa. 

In the morning transfer in our all terrain vehicle from Copiapó to Santa Rosa Lake, 154 Km. distance and located at 3800m. In the afternoon take a soft walk in the surroundings of the lake, where there is a possibility to observe the wild fauna: Flamingos, Guanacos and vicuñas in their own natural habitat. 


Day 3: Santa Rosa to Green Lake.

Today we will leave form Santa Rosa to Green Lake 4200m.a.s.l. and camp near the thermal baths, ideal to take a soak and enjoy from the landscape, surrounded by mountains with an average of 6000m, in the afternoon there will be a soft walk (3 hours).


Day 4: Green Lake. 

Continuing with our acclimatization, we will carry out a walk around this beautiful lake, pretty much can be made around the shores of the lake, and the landscape displays a beautiful volcanic character, with wild shapes on the mountains produced by the eolic activity.


Day 5: Green Lake - Acclimatization, walk to the Mulas Muertas hill. 

Leaving early we will reach 5895m at the top of the Mulas Muertas hill, on this way we continue our acclimatization; after this effort in the afternoon rest in our base camp at Green Lake.


Day 6: Green Lake – Acclimatization, climbing to San Francisco Volcano

On board of our transportation we approach to the base camp of San Francisco at 4800m. From this point we start our journey to the top. After a time enjoying the landscape, we descend and return in our vehicle to our base camp at Green Lake.


Day 7: Refuge Atacama. 

After a good rest and enjoyment of the thermal waters, we will leave around half morning heading for Refuge Atacama 5200m, where we will install our camp, and gradually we will get ready for the day when we will attempt to reach the top.


Day 8: Refuge Atacama. 

During this day, we will transfer part of our equipment to Refuge Tejos at 5800m, approximately 4 hours of walking, and in the afternoon we return to our camp. Along the way we will observe "penitentes" of more than two meters high. 


Day 9: Refuge Tejos. 

Today we will leave in the morning with the rest of our equipment and necessary staff for the day when we ascent to the top. Tejos will be the place where we spend the night at 5800m, the wind is stronger and the temperature drops quickly to the setting of the sun. 


Day 10: Summit of Ojos del Salado (7-9 hrs) 

This day we will try our attempt to the peak of the highest active volcano in the world, beginning our day at 03:00 in the morning. The hill goes up at about 45º ascending gradually until we reach the top of this giant, each member will count on a belay in our climbing to the top. After enjoying the magnificent views, we start our descent to our cosy camp where we will have a well deserved rest.


Day 11: Refuge Atacama-Copiapó. 

On board our vehicle we will descend to the city of Copiapó to settle in the hotel. 


Day 12: Transfer to the airport. 


Day 13: Day extra. (To be used by the guide according to weather, or acclimatization.)


Day 14: Day extra. (To be used by the guide according to weather, or acclimatization.)


Prices depend on the number of participants, to discuss budget, please contact us at: WAPP +591-73088333 or at this email:    



  • Private transportation during the expedition.
  • Camping gear (dinning tent, and mountain tents).
  • Mountain gear: ropes, crampons, harness, gaiters, ice axe, and mountain helmets 
  • Tasty fresh meals during the expedition.
  • Specialized mountain guide and assistant for every 3 clients
  • Complete First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen tube in base camps (for emergency use only)
  • Common use equipment (kitchenware)
  • Security through communication equipment, satellite phone and GPS


  • Personal mountain equipment: climbing boots, gloves, glasses, mosketoon, warm clothing
  • Medical or evacuation expenses.
  • Expenses caused by eventual abandonment of the expedition
  • Meals outside the mountain itinerary
  • Meals in the city
  • Accommodation outside the itinerary
  • Bottled or alcoholic beverages during the expedition
  • Extras


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